How we gave Heart 100 Happy Days.


  • Drive engagement with Heart FM audience by giving an amazing prize away each day for 100 days
  • Prizes & Rewards

  • Winner management

How we gave Heart 100 Happy Days.

From February to April 2015, Global Radio embarked on a mission to cheer up listeners. They gave away prizes every day in their Heart 100 Happy Days competition.

To make it happen, they asked us to help them source and deliver a range of prizes.  We created a fantastic list, ranging from small treats like flowers and the latest and hottest just-released gadgets, to sold out tickets to gigs and sporting events, and amazing holidays.

In total, we sourced and fulfilled 215 prizes for Heart. We worked closely with their team to make sure prizes were tailored to current events (like Mother’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Edinburgh Fringe, The Grand National, Wimbledon, and the latest tours).

We also leveraged our access to exclusive events to secure tickets to specific artists’ gigs, and giving winners a choice of tickets to any show on that artist’s tour.


The campaign was a huge success driving engagement across Heart’s media channels but it wasn’t just Heart listeners who loved 100 Happy Days. The campaign won Heart the Gold award at the 2016 Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards in the ‘Feature of the Year’ category.

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Heart FM were thrilled with the promotional prize content created 215 prizes created, managed and fufilled over the 100 day promotion Gold award at the 2016 Arqiva Awards in the ‘Feature of the Year’ category

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