How we created the ultimate back to school package


  • Drive engagement with back to school tips & advice from Heart
  • Generate awareness of the Soreen Lunchbox Loaves range
  • Prizes & Rewards

  • Winner management

How we created the ultimate back to school package

To prepare for the beginning of a very unusual 2020-21 school year, with the pandemic meaning that schools were shut for most of the year, Heart published a series of articles providing tips & advice on preparing kids for the adjustment of returning back to school, partnering with Soreen Lunchbox Loaves, the perfect snack to give kids the energy they need to get through the school day.

To drive more engagement and brand awareness, we were asked to design the ultimate back to school package, which included iPads, Children’s backpacks, Lunch boxes & Chilly leak-proof drink bottles, Amazon Dots, alarm clocks and money to spend on School uniform.


The chance to win great on-message prizes helped amplify the online campaign, giving more parents the chance to get much-needed advice and spreading the word about Soreen’s new flavours.

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