Should your brand create a charity partnership?

Posted: December 2022

Brands and charities can be a perfect match. For brands, a charity partnership can bring a wealth of employee benefits and feel-good spirit while charities, in turn, receive a funding boost and the PR exposure they need.

With the wealth of benefits to both parties, it’s no surprise that brand/charity partnerships remain so popular. Since the recession, there has been a marked increase in partnerships, some of which are now inextricably linked. For example, Comic Relief partners with many brands from supermarkets, clothing stores and beauty products, while Pampers supports UNICEF; Boots supports Macmillan and M&S is behind Oxfam.

What benefits does a brand and charity partnership bring?

1. Morale boost
Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of a charitable partnership is the impact on employees.
By supporting a charity, staff all work together to fundraise for the cause, and this can be hugely motivating. Charity partnerships can help people feel good about the work they do and this can help to reduce employee turnover and increase innovation and team spirit.

2. Customer loyalty
When brands show a genuine commitment to a charitable cause, public perception can significantly improve. Charities can invoke empathy, passion and emotion which is difficult with just your brand and products alone. By pledging to help worthwhile causes, customers feel a sense of loyalty to your brand and admire your focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR).

3. Enhanced insight
Working with a charity can help you to understand a new market or sector that you would like to tap into. You may also be able to share ideas on successful marketing campaigns and tactics that improve customer engagement. Your partnership should help both ventures to unlock their full potential and explore different working methods that could foster success for you both.

4. Investment opportunities
Corporate social responsibility not only increases sales and improves customer perception; it can also help you to secure investment too. For many investors, commitment to good causes can be an important factor when choosing companies to invest in. Keep your business at the forefront of opportunity with a great charity by your side.

Brand and charity partnerships: what to consider

For each brand and charity, it is important to select the right partner to work with, one that is going to create a mutually beneficial relationship. When considering which charity you want to work with, consider the following elements;

• Do you want unity for a one-off event or long-term contract?
• Does your partner share the same values as you?
• Will your staff feel sufficiently engaged to get behind the partnership?
• Is a partnership part of your core values?
• Will the partnership enhance credibility for both parties?

Partnership for success

Successful charity partnerships take time and careful planning. Here at NDL Group, we have many years of experience in helping brands and charities to create worthwhile partnerships which benefit both organisations. To find out more, please get in touch on 020 7428 3090.

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