Experience Lapland in Finland this Christmas

Posted: December 2022

Unmissable®, powered by NDL, are experts at creating campaign prizes, rewards and incentives for some of the biggest brands in the world.

Family prize promotions should be an important part of your brand planning and strategy. Our trip to Finnish Lapland, is an all-encompassing family Christmas and Q4 experience. Unmissable® have chartered a plane and the package includes flights, 4-star accommodation, meals, transfers, as well as a host of exceptional activities and experiences to make this the most inclusive package on the market.

With seven years operational experience delivering successful Lapland packages, the Unmissable® team continue to deliver.

Whether you’re looking for a unique prize incentive, an experience to inspire and motivate your staff, or memories that will etch themselves on a prize winner’s mind, our team can create the Unmissable®.

NEW for 2018: The Unmissable® team has created a magical four-day Lapland family holiday as the perfect prize, reward or incentive for your staff or customers and departs December 2018. Download the brochure for more information.

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