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Posted: August 2017

On a typical day, our NDL campaign management teams can receive up to 10 briefs each!  Some require a speedy response to a prize request, others a detailed creative proposal.  Often, we’ll include complex legal advice, or a bespoke technical platform.

As every brief involves collaboration across our business, we’ll ask lots of questions up front to steer our thinking.  So, when you’re putting together your next promotion, here are just some of the aspects worth considering before submitting your brief:

What do we know about the target audience, the brand (and the client?)

Tell us everything you know about your audience, and what you need this promotion to offer them.  A detailed brief really does achieve the best output. Our winning proposals regularly demonstrate a clear understanding of how a brand can best appeal to its customers.

How does this audience discover promotions?

Are they on social media? Can they be engaged at the point of purchase? Consider how your campaign should be promoted to appear in front of the majority.  A fantastic prize won’t increase sales if there’s no budget left to tell anyone how to enter. And never underestimate the general public…keep it simple!

Does your promotion need its own website?

Which support services will you need to run your campaign? How will your customers enter? Will it be useful to measure entry levels daily or weekly, and would any other statistics help improve engagement once your promotion goes live?

How much time do we have?

We can, and have turned around great promotions in a matter of days. But, in an ideal world, we’d spend quality time getting it absolutely right.  Before setting your preferred live date, consider whether there’s any flexibility for a range of proposals, based on a range of timescales and budgets.

Is this brief open to suggestion?

Are you prepared for our creative brainstorming to take your brief in a completely different direction? Even if you’re completely set on one mechanic, stay open to ‘lightbulb moments’ that come from internal discussions around your brief. The result is often significantly higher customer engagement.

Does the mechanic need to work in more than one country?

When developing creative ideas to suit multiple products or global audiences, we benefit from our team’s varied knowledge base, local legal accuracy plus our reliable contacts to deliver complex activity. And we always have a back-up!

Who picks the winner?

When selecting your winner, it’s crucial to adhere to the rules: each winner must be independently selected and verified. Plus, happy winners sharing their excitement create invaluable social media content, increasing your promotional reach even further.

Lastly, but most importantly, what will make everyone happy?

Be clear on your expectations from a promotion. What is the real measure of success? Will high entry numbers or increased sales achieve your business goals?  And don’t forget to celebrate when it happens!

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