May the force be with you!

Posted: September 2015

Calling all self-confessed sci-fi geeks… The brand new Star Wars blockbuster, The Force Awakens is due out on the 18th of December worldwide and Hollywood experts predict that it will smash the current box office opening record of $524.4m. With hype for the latest edition accelerating at light speed pace throughout the UK, we thought it would be a sacrilege if we didn’t share our top Star Wars themed holiday locations…

The force is strong with this one…

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Visit The Lake Country of Naboo!


The world of Naboo was not only home to Jar Jar Binks but was also the location for the wedding of Anakin Skywalker to Queen Amidala. Featured in both the Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, the planet of Naboo is a lush and green planet not unlike our own featuring rolling plains, high mountains and beautiful seas and lakes. Como is one of the most stunning lakes on our planet and it won’t be hard for you to see why Lucas chose this location as the basis for a love affair that would inadvertently save the Galaxy from the evils of the Empire!

Experience the Ice Planet of Hoth!


Location for a secret Rebel base in the Empire Strikes Back, the snowy world of Hoth is closer to home than you might think! See for yourself at the Ice Hotel just below the Arctic Circle where you can spend a night in one of the hotels snow rooms at -5˚, a temperature which will feel warm compared with the -37°C it is outside! Don’t fear though, you’ll be kept warm by thermal gear rather than a dead Tauntaun and after your cold night you’ll be woken with a glass of hot lingonberry juice at your bedside and a defrosting sauna! Much better than waking up and having to battle the Empire!


Sleep with the Ewoks on Endor!


The Forest Moon of Endor featured in the Return of the Jedi and played home to the Battle of Endor, which was a major coup by the Rebels against the Empire. Populated by the Ewoks, these bear like creatures make their home high in the trees, something that you’ll be able to do at the next best Endor on Earth: the forests of Scandinavia! Replicate their homes at the incredible Tree Hotel, where each unique accommodation is built high above the ground in the trees offering a new experience living close to nature in a place of great natural beauty… just like on Endor!


Tremble in Fear on the Volcanic world of Mustafar!

The planet of Mustafar is a feirce fiery volcanic world and played host to the most famous battle in the rise of the Empire: the battle between Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker that finally took Anakin to the Dark Side to become Darth Vader in the Revenge of the Sith. Hot molten lava runs like rivers and the smell of sulphur fills the air. See for yourself at the closest thing we have to Mustafar on our own planet: Iceland! Basically one big volcano, Iceland is known as the Land of Fire and Ice – After spending a day in this violent landscape, you’ll be glad that the fate of the Galaxy isn’t relying on you and your Lightsaber!


Trek the Deserts of Tatooine!

As the home of both Anakin and Luke Skywalker and featuring in all the films with the exception of The Empire Strikes Back, the desert planet of Tatooine is one of the most iconic and best known worlds in the Star Wars universe. Once a lush ocean planet much like Earth, Tatooine became a desert world after the myopic Rakata razed the planet, drying up the rivers and boiling the oceans. Enjoy the closest thing we have to Tatooine on our own planet: the North African country of Morocco on the edge of the Sahara Desert!   


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