NDL Guide Part 3: Turning Shoppers into Fans

Posted: December 2022

The NDL Guide to Running Successful Promotions

At NDL, we love working with media owners, global brands and their agencies. With our expert technology, inspirational content and promotional support services, we help deliver successful promotions that wow their customers.

Our recent series of guides has been designed to share some of that insight and experience. We hope you’ll see how running prize promotions can have an important role in your overall marketing mix.


Part 3: Turning Shoppers into Fans

The third in our series explains how 5 star winner management is key to creating long-lasting brand ambassadors, with social media playing a crucial role in extending the impact of your promotion.



Missed Parts 1 or 2 of our NDL Guide?


Part 1: Developing The Big Idea

The first in our series looks at why you might choose to run a promotion,  how to develop your creative theme into ‘the big idea’, and how to decide which prizes your customers might value the most.



Part 2: Bringing your Promotion to Life

The second in our series looks at how to turn your Big Idea into a Successful Promotion. We show you how to make it as easy as possible for customers to get involved.



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