Six of the World’s Most Unmissable® Experiences

Posted: December 2022

At NDL, we’ve been delighting prize winners for nearly 20 years.  Booking them on amazing experiences, thanks to promotional campaigns run by their favourite brands. Our Winner Fulfilment team ensures every possible aspect is covered, and gets to hear all about the best bits when they return.

So we know that everyone’s idea of an Unmissable® experience is different.  It’s that exceptional moment you can’t quite put your finger on that gets you excited, makes your heart beat faster.  The decision to try something unbelievable, that leaves you thinking: ‘I simply have to tell someone about this.

And because that something is different for everyone, we’ve asked our Unmissable® Prize Content experts to put together a taster of some of the world’s most awesome experiences.  Which one gets your heart beating?


Animal Action for High Flyers


Unmissable Hot Air Balloon

There’s no better place to get in touch with your wild side than on an African safari. And while there are several ways to experience animal activity in the wild, our favourite has to be looking down from this fabulous hot air balloon safari.

Whilst it does mean a very, very early start, the main draw for taking yourself 1,000 feet into the air first thing in the morning is obvious: the wildebeest migration.  Millions of wildebeest make the crossing through the Serengeti and around Africa every year. There’s no other way to appreciate the sheer volume of animals undertaking this epic journey than to soar high above them.


Ultimate Relaxation for Eco Warriors


Relaxation for Eco-Warriors

The View Hotel is nestled on a rocky slope of Oman’s Jebel Shams mountain. ‘Hidden luxury’ finds new meaning here. The clue is in the name: the view is jaw-dropping.

And you can look at it all day long from this eco-luxe retreat, without even leaving your room.

The hotel is made up of 30 self-contained pods, each containing a luxury bedroom and bathroom, clinging to the edge of the mountain. All you need to do is wake up and relax. Can you handle that?


Adrenalin Lovers’ Volcano Challenge


Unmissable Volcano Bungee Jump, ChileBungee jumping is on every adrenalin lover’s to do list. But here at Unmissable®, we like to challenge even the most dedicated thrill seeker.  Introducing Villarrica Volcano in Chile. Yes, you’ve guessed it, you can jump into the volcano attached to nothing but an elastic. And yes, the volcano is active.

Just perch yourself on the ‘skid’, or landing gear, of the helicopter as you fly above the Chilean mountains and leap right over the volcano’s caldera, a feature formed by the volcano collapsing into itself and forming a crater.

This stunt was initially created for MTV and has brought so much attention to the area that it is now available to the public. Unmissable® experience or just absolutely crazy?


Family Fun with Extra Bounce



Our pick for the most unusual family experience is a trip to the incredible underground play area, hidden beneath Snowdonia.

Located inside a 176-year-old disused slate mine near Blaenau Ffestiniog in North Wales, Bounce Below is a network of gigantic bouncy nets, walkways and slides, all strung up from the mine’s walls. The highest trampoline is suspended 180ft above the bottom of the cavern.

Unless you’re a child or a professional gymnast, your first bounces are going to be filled with some trepidation. But soon you’ll be giggling uncontrollably…


P-P-P Pick up a Penguin

PenguinsSouth Georgia is so much more than a stopover on the way to Antarctica. It’s one of the most bio-diverse places on the planet. Think Galápagos Islands but colder.

If you like penguins, then this is the perfect place to Visit a King Penguin Colony as there are colonies of up to 20,000 King Penguins dotted around the island.

For animal lovers, and winter adventurers alike, this really is one trip of a lifetime.




Indulge your Sweet Tooth

Dessert Hotel London

Ever thought it would be better if we all ate pudding before our starter and main course? Us too.

London’s first-ever dessert restaurant – the Café at Café Royal’s – launched last year. And it continues to hold a very special place in our hearts.

By day, The Café serves breakfast, light lunches, afternoon tea and drinks. And by night, it serves delicious sweet things, and plenty of ’em.


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