Posted: October 2023

When it comes to holidays, everyone has an opinion. Your grandparents want to do one thing, while the younger members of the group have something else in mind.

Holidays are a huge draw for promotion and competitions. But to maximise participation you need to choose the right destination for the right audience. So, we’ve analysed the data and pulled together what matters most for each generation so you be sure they’ll be chomping at the bit to go on your next holiday promotion.

Baby Boomers [age 59-77]

This generation is redefining retirement. No longer is it about crosswords and knitting, instead it’s ticking things off their bucket list, trekking the Inca Trail or wine tasting in New Zealand. 56% of baby boomers are driven by the excitement of exploring a new place and all the experiences that come with it. We don’t just mean doing things when we say experiences, but also sampling local food and drink. Nearly half of Baby Boomers plan their trips around food and drink, making it an essential part of their holidays.

But unlike other generations, Baby Boomers are the least likely to spend time researching their destination in depth before they go. They know what they want, and they make the decision.

Top Tip: Create a bucket list worthy holiday packed with unmissable experiences and delicious food.

Generation X [age 43-58]

Caught in the throes of work and family, for Generation X holidays are about switching off. Of all the generations they take the lowest number of annual leave days, so when they turn that out of office on they want to soak up every second. That means prioritising comfort and convenience as well as splurging on a few thought out treats.

The challenge for Generation X is where to go. 20% of Gen X use word-of-mouth recommendations to choose a destination. So they pay close attention to friends and family to find a destination that can cater to all ages from younger ones to older ones, but also gives them something they’re interested in too while satisfying that craving for adventure. This generation is also more likely to be navigating the tricky art of a multi-generation holiday with extended family joining them.

Top Tip: Think easy luxury with plenty to keep different ages busy.

Millennials [age 27-42]

Millennials don’t just want to see their destination, they want to feel it, to immerse themselves in the culture, the life and the food. For this generation it’s all about experience and creating memories, think ancient ruins not water parks. So it’s not surprising that they take the most annual leave days, averaging at 35 every year.

They’re also more aware of sustainability and the impact of tourism on the local area so are always on the lookout for boutique hotels rather than big chains. With a focus on an authentic experience, Millennials want to experience everything which means they’ll pay more for 1-1 experiences.

It’s not just experiences though, it’s an overall sense of wellbeing and pampering. For Millennials authentic doesn’t mean slumming it, 83% of Millennials prefer all-inclusive options as a base for their experience based trip. With 61% choosing to stay in a hotel with a spa or wellness centre to gift themselves some much needed self care. They want to go home feeling enriched by culture and fully relaxed.

Top Tip: Make them feel special by including exclusive experiences that money can’t buy.

Generation Z [age 11-26]

Flexible work is the norm for this generation, so for them travel looks completely different. It’s not something to be saved up and taken in two week breaks in the summer. Instead they take long weekends in Europe, padding out with a bit of work. More than half of Generation Z have opted to take mini breaks so they can maximise their holiday allowance. Budget is also a key consideration for Gen Z, to maximise the number of trips they take they’re always on the look out for a bargain. 64% of Gen Z say budget is a key consideration, and 86% are on the hunt for deals and promotions.

To appeal to Generation Z think compact and shareable. They want a short flight to somewhere that they’ve researched on social media, where they can work, take in a few sites and relax with a drink in hand. It’s no surprise then that the top mini breaks for this group are to Spain, Italy and France.

Top Tip: City breaks a short hop from the UK that offers a mix of wellbeing, experiences and reliable internet connections

Holidays are a prize solution where one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Choosing the right destination, duration and experiences can be the difference between a compelling prize and one that has no impact at all. But that’s why we’re here – to make sure it doesn’t happen. Whether you know what you want or are looking for inspiration, we know how to create and manage an unforgettable prize solution that will encourage participation on you next campaign or promotional activity.

Our team of experts are waiting to create the right prize for you, your brand and your audience, for more info on how NDL can help, get in touch on hello@ndlgroup.com.

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