4 reasons why high volume promotions work for high profile brands.

Posted: December 2022

Every brand owner should ideally be working towards a strategic plan with clear goals and agreed objectives. But with today’s fast-paced consumer behaviour, there will inevitably be occasions when a brand team has to react quickly to competitor activity, improve their position in a tricky market condition or simply generate sales to shift stock.

Here are four reasons why we’ve developed our own ‘off the shelf’ high volume promotion packages, offering tactical prize promotions that can add instant weight to your strategic plan:

1. Tactical timing

Whether you’re taking a commercial decision to give a quick boost to sales, or acting in response to competitor activity, a high volume prize promotion is a useful tactic to get your brand noticed by your target audience, and can be switched on relatively quickly, if you know where to go.

Our Brand Partnerships team have already solved the problem of time-consuming negotiations by partnering with a huge array of organisations – from airlines to music and sports event promoters to tech and lifestyle brands – so you can effectively choose from a ‘shopping list’ of prizes which you know can be fulfilled within the timescales and budget of your promotional campaign.


2. Multi-territory compliance

When running a global campaign across multiple territories, one major area that can hold up your promotion is the sheer labyrinth of promotional compliance required to be legal in each and every country. With over 20 years’ experience running global promotions, our digital promotions platform already has factored in the required variations for a multi-territory campaign. This means we can enable highly effective – and completely compliant – global campaigns to be launched with a seamless end to end process, and surprisingly quick turnaround.


Our digital promotion platform Promotigo™ has been designed to ensure complete compliance with prize promotion laws and regulations across multiple territories. Our systems and processes are all connected to ensure that, no matter how many winners you have, or where they are from, local communications are thorough, and every individual has a positive, seamless experience.


3. Flexible prize pool

A huge benefit when dealing with high volume e-codes, hotel room deals and high street offers, is that we can offer brand owners a range of flexible prize options, and everyone gets to win something.
Not only can this offer a breadth of choice to the end customer, but also, when running a central promotional theme across many countries, our global promotion package can cater for different local budgets and customer messages, while still fitting within a central theme.


4. Cost efficient delivery

Thanks to the digital fulfilment of the majority of prizes – we work with SMS, email and mobile wallet – we can keep your prize fulfilment costs to a minimum. Prize winners can benefit from our platform’s quick response code validation, receiving their prize far quicker than in some of the more traditional prize promotion mechanics.

With these benefits in mind, you may wish to consider putting together a brief for a high volume prize promotion. Some questions to consider before writing your brief:

• What prizes and rewards would be most appealing to your audience and where will you source them from cost-effectively and quickly?
• Which promotional mechanic will appeal to your audience enough that they participate in your promotion?
• What are the legal and regulatory compliance issues you need to address (remembering they may be different if you’re targeting multiple territories)?
• How will you organise entrant and claim management?
• How will you handle winner management to ensure winners feel a sense of goodwill towards your brand?

If this all seems a little daunting, please don’t be put off! These are just some of the questions that the brand partnerships team at NDL can find answers to in the campaign planning stage of a promotion.

Harriet Lewis Brand Partnerships



Harriet Lewis is Head of Partnerships at NDL Group and can be contacted on 020 7428 3090 or email harriet.lewis@ndlgroup.com.







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