The art of prize sourcing

Posted: December 2022

As a specialist prize promotion agency, we use lots of factors to assess the success of a promotion. Hitting our clients’ objectives is key: whether that’s increasing retailer shelf space, driving sales volumes during a promotional period or creating awareness during a new product launch.

Of course, one of the easiest aspects to measure is number of participants. It makes sense that the more people you engage in your promotion, the stronger its impact in terms of potential sales uplift, immediate brand recall and longer term brand affinity, and in turn, the better return from your marketing spend.

That is why we focus so much of our time and energy putting together the ultimate high desire or money-can’t-buy prize marketing packages, thanks to our highly experienced rewards, prizes and incentives team, led by Account Director, Katharine Pettit.

The NDL team knows that compelling prizes truly are the ‘secret sauce’ to a successful campaign, and with over 20 years in the prize promotion industry, have a great track record in building irresistible prize packages that attract high entry levels among both new and existing audiences. Whether it’s putting together a mouth-watering restaurant package, offering the latest must-have tech gadgets, or organising a dream trip to a far flung corner of the globe – such as perfect serenity in the Himalayas featured in the image above – their approach has achieved record engagement levels for clients as diverse as J2O, McDonald’s, IKEA and Greggs.

And while their task sounds enviable – scouting the world for breath-taking locations and life-enhancing experiences to offer as promotional prizes – it’s far harder than it sounds! With so many prize promotions available to consumers, it’s increasingly difficult to think of original ideas which will help a brand to stand out from the crowd.

Katharine Pettit, Account Director, NDL


“We find that inspiration comes when we truly understand the brand – when we know their brand message and what’s important to their audience. When these things are clear, it becomes much easier to create an experience which attracts high engagement levels.”  Katharine Pettit


Sitting within NDL are the Unmissable® team, whose business it is to uncover some of the world’s most amazing locations and must-do experiences, making each prize package unique and compelling, whatever the client’s budget. It’s their attention to detail which makes all the difference.

For example, winning a holiday on a private island off the coast of Australia would be complimented by helicopter transfers and the services of a private chef. A seasonal campaign may include shopping for and wrapping your Christmas gifts, buying and preparing your festive food and a makeover to ensure you look your best. Or a prize for a sports brand may include a weekend of the best sport here in the UK followed by VIP tickets to a major international event, such as the Monaco Grand Prix (with private travel, Michelin-starred restaurants and luxury hotels included.)

“Big budgets are great but they’re not the be-all and end-all,” explains Kath. “The details are so important, as is a slick organisation so that everything runs smoothly.”

One of the main benefits of working with NDL is that we offer an end to end prize marketing service. As well as creating fantastic prize packages and experiences, our technology arm, Promotigo™, enables the management and processing of entries and winners, often across multiple territories with various compliance complications. Then, our prize fulfilment team ensures everything runs smoothly for the winners to create lasting goodwill brand ambassadors for our clients.

If you need ideas for your next campaign, please visit our campaign inspiration site or contact Katherine Pettit on 020 7428 3090.

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