Secrets to a Successful Reward Scheme

Posted: August 2016

In the last four years, we’ve delivered over 4,800 prize promotions, reward schemes and employee incentive programmes.  


We know what makes people happy.  And we know what motivates employees to work towards achieving their business targets.

Employee incentive programmes often require sophisticated technology, complex data collection, and niche legal expertise, particularly when dealing across multiple territories, languages and staff hierarchies.

But in our experience, the true key to a programme’s success, is to keep it simple, effective and tailored to the individual.

Entice Your Audience

Pinning a new poster on the staff noticeboard won’t get your Reward Scheme noticed. You need a full-blown communication plan that includes immediate incentives around registration deadlines, referral bonus points, and regular social media updates.  Celebrating the first team to win a prize on a closed Facebook page will remind latecomers to register in the first months of your new scheme.  

Connect Rewards to Education

If improved product knowledge is a core objective, create a short online quiz with simple tick-box answers.  100% completion of the quiz can then be a requirement to achieving the next level of rewards.  In your quiz, refer to existing training modules, and you’ll re-energise your existing learning programme as part of your new scheme.

Ensure Continued Engagement

Keep your programme dynamic with a continuous flow of updated rewards.  Introduce tactical prizes around sales milestones: create a real incentive to hit your 1,000th customer, or offer a number of lower value romantic gifts to be won around Valentine’s Day. 

More Value than a Pure Sales Incentive

A successful reward scheme can also improve areas that are not directly connected to sales targets.  Our clients often comment on improved product displays, or better communication between offices, or simply reduced annual employee churn.  When employees engage fully and start to share their own reward experiences, company loyalty can often increase as a bonus outcome.


Need to introduce some ‘WOW’ factor into your reward scheme?  Talk to the experts in global promotions, rewards & incentives.  

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