Stop buying stuff. Experiences give longer-lasting happiness.

Posted: November 2016

Earlier this month, The Huffington Post featured an article by Dr. Travis Bradberry advising us to stop simply buying more stuff.  We’re better off spending our limited funds on what science says will make us happy: experiences.

A 20-year study conducted by Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University, shows that happiness from physical things is short-lived, compared to the extended satisfaction derived from once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Gilovich’s study showed that anticipation creates excitement before the event, enjoyment peaks on the day, and the ongoing memory makes a unique experience become a longer-lasting piece of your identity. Its value therefore increases as time goes by.  Compare this with an expensive car purchase, which instantly loses its value the minute you drive it away.

Last month, we created once-in-a-lifetime dream holidays for the 11th MONOPOLY Prize Choice game at McDonald’s – the largest promotion of its kind in the UK.   In a similar vein to Gilovich’s study, consumer research undertaken by The Marketing Store showed McDonald’s customers cherished life experiences over material possessions.

With this brief, our Rewards, Promotions & Incentives team of experts created dream holidays comprising some of the best things to do and see in Thailand, California and New Zealand.  From jungle tours, helicopter rides and unique dining experiences, lucky McDonald’s winners will certainly enjoy unforgettable experiences, with memories to last a lifetime.

And it’s not just about travel.  We develop bespoke on brand experiences from family tickets to Film Premieres, to Personal Shopping Trips, to Wellbeing Experiences at the School of Life, to Ice Driving in Tahko (see our winner Mark Baynton-Glen sitting in the car above).  

In fact, many of our winners love their experience so much, we’re often among the first people to see their pictures!

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