Posted: December 2022

It’s safe to say the past few years have been challenging for many, and as a nation we’re becoming used to navigating uncertainty. Interestingly, during times of change, its common for people to become more sentimental and have an increased affection for the past: and 2022 so far as seen this reflected in the sense of nostalgia that has appeared in the world of fashion, film, interiors and travel.

Individuals are seeking out experiences like those that made them feel great when they were at their happiest, and most importantly: they are looking to share these experiences with their friends, family and children.

So what are the top trends making a comeback? And how can you factor these into your prizes and rewards?

Disney for all ages!

Mickey Mouse ears for everyone, as families flock back to Florida like never before. Brits are embracing the holiday spirit and we’re seeing the whole clan with ears, matching t-shirts and even Disney-bounding! And with the Disney Cruise Line offering more accessible cruises from the UK shores, this is yet to continue.

Embracing Italian culture

Europe exudes style, class and plenty of delicious cuisines, and it’s no wonder travellers are flocking to the Riveria, historical cities and beautiful Lakes of Italy to embrace the culture. Ditching the sunbeds for parasols on the beaches, and gelatos on the Spanish Steps, this Instagrammable and idyllic country is attracting a whole new generation of pleasure-seekers.

Home Entertainment

When it comes to music, vinyl is making a comeback. We’re now seeing record sales surpassing CD sales for the first time in a whole generation!

Music is everywhere and handheld tech is always going to be craved; but millennials are seeking out opportunities to listen to a whole album from beginning to end, and many of them are using vinyl to add to this experience.

Modern retro record players look great and fit into the mid-century aesthetic that’s reflected in fashion and interiors and set to continue.

Live Music

Now people can see live music again they are booking in abundance, and some of the biggest bands are still performing after decades on stage to satisfy their love of classic rock and roll.

This summer the Rolling Stones are back, Fleetwood Mac are touring, Guns n Roses are rocking the stadiums and festivals are popping up all over the UK and the world. As well as the firm favourites such as Glastonbury, Isle of Wight and Reading & Leeds; local and home-grown weekenders are growing.  Teens, young families and millennials are embracing this community experience, as well as the rockers who remember the music the first time round.

2022 is about experiencing something you’ve never seen, heard or tasted before! People want to feel a part of something and what better way to excite and reward them than by giving them a memorable experience that reignites some of their happiest moments.

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