Recognising your remote team

Posted: December 2022

The way we work has changed, and the office landscape is looking very different to how it was back in 2020.

Hybrid and remote working has provided employees and businesses with brand new ways of working: benefitting worklife balance, giving individuals time back they would have previously spent commuting, and allowing workers to connect with and build relationships with colleagues, peers and clients in other cities and countries.

For many, the opportunities outweigh the challenges, but with a remote workforce its important to consider the ways in which you can provide support, reassurance and rewards for your employees in order to keep them engaged, satisfied and feel appreciated.

So how can you recognise your employees successes while navigating a remote working relationship?

Sales Incentive Programme

Create a Sales Incentive programme for your sales or business development teams with exclusive rewards up for grabs, including money-can’t-buy experiences, 5* travel opportunities, and even a range of runners up options tailored to the specific tastes of the employees at your organisation. Our team develop options especially for you and previous programmes have led to more engaged staff based on the thought put into the incentives.

Give social events the wow-factor

When you bring teams together, make it worth it. With employees enjoying the flexibility of hybrid working, it can be an effort to venture into the office and stay for after work socials. But not now! We’ve been working with several companies to create incredible experiences for them and their staff, including chefs-table experiences at top restaurants, hospitality packages at the biggest sporting events, and front row seats at some of the most sought after music events. Give your staff the wow-factor!

Digital platforms for retail teams

For multi-location businesses we can also create a fun and inclusive feel by designing a digital incentive experience. We worked with one high-end retailer to ensure all staff were motivated, by allowing them to collect and then redeem performance-based rewards and choose what appealed most to them, from spa days, glossy magazine subscriptions and gourmet food deliveries. Give all your staff the opportunity to be involved.

Recognising and rewarding remote workers doesn’t need to be difficult; it just requires a little creativity, and that’s where NDL can help. Get in touch today on and we can discuss ideas to recognise your staff as we navigate this new way of working together.

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