Travel Trends Taking Over in 2023

Posted: January 2023

Whether it’s reclining on a lounger with the sea lapping at your feet or being snuggled up in a tent as you camp under the stars, one thing’s for sure: we love a holiday. And it seems no pandemic or purse tightening will stop us from taking that glorious time away from the daily grind.

So, with more travellers locking in their holidays ahead of time, we’re looking at the top trends influencing their travel so you too can be inspired for your next prize promotion.

On-Screen Inspiration

With TV keeping most of us sane through lockdown, it’s no surprise that filming locations are hot property in the holiday market right now. From donning your beret with Emily in Paris to sipping Sicilian cocktails at the White Lotus, these stunning film locations are proving a huge hit with holidaymakers. So, turn on, tune in, and bliss out!

Ethical Travel

With climate change hugely affecting our world and weather, environmentally sustainable travel has had a massive surge in popularity over the years with more and more options available to the everyday traveller. Keen to preserve this beautiful planet for future generations, many are now opting for eco-friendly, ethical travel experiences such as choosing trains over planes to reduce their carbon footprint and opting for fully sustainable accommodation. So, grab your Birkenstocks and let’s go off grid.

All-Inclusive with a Difference

Gone are the days of bland, beige buffets: welcome to the world of foodie paradise. Too often the best thing about an all-inclusive is the free bar and jet-skis, but in 2023 resort brands like iKos and Excellence are turning the tides on this. Creating 5-star service and facilities, alongside bespoke dining experiences with diverse and delicious food that will have even the most scrupulous of diners salivating.

Work from Wherever

The pandemic proved that remote working is here to stay, so with a newfound freedom and a laptop in hand, ‘work from roam’ has become the new work from home. With job ads for remote working increasing by 307% the workplace is truly going remote. And with the ability to work from virtually anywhere in the world, now we can all live the Digital Nomad dream.

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